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  (Impulse Pictures-no website given) 1973. 95 minutes. Not Rated. Billed as ‘…The shocking account of a young NYMPHOMANIAC.’ Basically we get the story of Anita, a poor young waif who has sex with anyone she meets. It’s really pissing off the local prostitutes because here is this hot young thing that will do it with any one at any time. She meets Erik, (Stellan Skarsgard, a long time before he was Bootstrap Bill), a student at the local university who genuinely wants to help Anita with her problem. Erik finally decides that the only way to cure Anita of her nymphomania is to give her a true orgasm. Yeah, big surprise there in an exploitation flick like this one.
  Anita is a film that relies on one thing: Christina Lindberg, who starred in Thriller; A Cruel Picture (1972). Although it was great to hear the Christina’s voice for the first time (she was a mute in Thriller…) and see her naked, Anita comes across as so damned tame. They could cut a little here and a little there and show it on Lifetime Channel. I do like how the DVD cover is made up to look like a lurid paperback and, as always, Christina Lindberg has the prettiest face and a magnificent body. If that’s all you want from the flick, then keep your finger on the fast forward -Douglas A. Waltz



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