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(Artsmagic)  . Five DVDs. Total running time is 411 minutes. Not Rated. Japanese with English subtitles.  Contains lots of rape and nudity which may be disturbing to most.
     High School Co-Ed- 1978. 79 minutes.  As a biker gang goes around robbing and raping women, dissention arises  when one of the member’s sister becomes the target.  My favorite of the set, this is the least confusing of the five.  The biker gang makes some great noises during the rape scenes, especially the crazy guy.  I really could’ve done without the scene involving aunt flows first visit, but otherwise, a very good flick.
     Red Classroom- 1979. 79 minutes.  A porn photographer becomes obsessed with an actress he sees in a rape film.  By far the worst of the 5.  At no point during the movie did I enjoy what I saw, nor care what was going to happen next.  The best part of Red Classroom comes at the 79 minute mark.
     Nami- 1979. 98 minutes.  A reporter, Nami, for a women’s magazine interviews rape victims and writes their stories for others to read.  Her interest in the subject matter leads to fascinating encounters.  I thoroughly enjoyed Nami.  I’ll probably go to hell for writing this, but the best part of the movie is when Nami, the bitchy, pushy reporter, gets what is coming to her.  I actually started to applaud.  Another enjoyable rape scene involves a pool of formaldehyde, dead bodies, a doctor, and a nurse.  Very nicely done.
     Red Porno- 1981. 67 minutes.  After filling in for a friend at work, which involved posing in an S&M magazine, the main character, also named Nami (in fact there’s a Nami in every film), is stalked by a fan.  At least half of this movie is sex or masturbation scenes, including one of the oddest masturbation scenes I have ever seen.  I’m pretty sure I saw an egg in a condom, and then some pencils.  Later on in the movie a table leg is used.  One masturbation scene I didn’t enjoy involved just a guy.  I highly recommend this movie for sickos like myself that get a kick out of these type of things. 
     Red Vertigo- 1988. 74 minutes.  In this film we follow along another Nami, a nurse, who, quite possibly, has the worst day ever.  In the morning she is assaulted and nearly raped by 2 of her patients.  After running home, she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her.  She’s then hit by a car and assaulted twice more, at which point a bizarre relationship is formed.  I was looking forward to this movie, but it was a bit of a downer.  The action was slow and predictable.  I also found the plot to be highly unlikely and just outright ridiculous.  Nothing special here.
     This box set comprises five movies, released by the, Nikkatsu studio, which are based on the 1970`s Japanese manga by Ishii Takashi, ‘Tenshi no Harawata’ (Angel Guts). Overall, I enjoyed the box set, which is amazing, because I usually can’t stand movies with subtitles.  I will have to warn you though, if you’re going to watch this set just to see the sex scenes, don’t bother.  Most of them are identical to each other and, besides Red Porno, nothing is shown besides a lot of breasts and bare asses.  Although all 5 movies are basically about the same subject, I enjoyed how each movie had a unique plot that involved the subject matter.  All five movies have the same extras: commentary, original trailers, original sleeve art, and bios, to name a few.  Definitely check out this box set if you’re interested in the subject matter, and don’t be afraid to laugh and enjoy yourself.  Hey, we may even run into each other in hell. – C Clark



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