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(Seduction Cinema) 68 minutes. Not rated. Nudity, sexual situations.  A handful of babes fornicate lesbian style with a few turning into sexy werewolf babes.
  Yes, the plot is short, but it sure is sweet. The nudity and softcore lesbian sex scenes are abundant, with Misty Mundae, Anoushka, and Julian Wells leading the way. While the soft sex is typical of Seduction Cinema teasing ways, there are a few shots that are just a tad hotter than previous releases. One nicely placed shot catches Anoushka from behind while in doggy style position thatíll have ass lovers go nuts. Best scene shows Misty Mundae tied up and spread eagle showing more of her vajayjay than Iíve ever seen, and Iíve seen a lot of her movies. The scene is a required viewing for Misty fans and your typical cinema perverts. There is also a snapshot of this scene in the DVDís booklet thatíll make great content for your wallet. The second DVD sports the very low budget Night of the Groping Dead starring Misty Mundae and Ruby LaRocca, and includes some up close personal shots, and mutilation, of Rubyís unsunny spot. Ė Denis Sheehan



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