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N EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS (Seduction Cinema) DVD. Erotic. Total disc running time 120 minutes. NR, nudity. Upon learning of her mother’s death, the innocent Caroline (Misty Mundae) heads to Paris to pay her last respects. After being in France for five minutes, Caroline naively (cute word for stupidly) follows a smelly looking French sleezeball to a secluded area, where she is promptly attacked and robbed. Broke, hungry, sad, and scared, Caroline is taken in by Isabelle (Mia Copia), a hot French chick. Once in an apartment, and at the demanding request of Isabelle, Caroline gets naked to eat food off a plate like dog. You know, on her hands and knees with her face buried in the chow. From this point on, Caroline is seduced by Isabelle in a dream like manner. However, what’s Isabelle’s deal and why do men enter her apartment, but never exit? Ahhhh!! On the vendetta side of things, Isabelle lures the smelly looking French sleezeball into her lair and, well, figure it out on your own.
       Ah yes, a little wrinkle is thrown into this Seduction Cinema release; a man actually gets involved with the softcore sexual action. Not that I’m excited by this, but this is not the norm when it comes to SC stuff and I had to squawk. However, I was most perturbed by this guy’s (Bill Hellfire) most crude and beast like treatment of my Misty Mundae. Enough of my jealousy, on with the movie. As usual with most SC erotic releases, there is a ton of nudity and softcore lesbian action. I often wonder why Seduction Cinema doesn’t take the plunge and get a little more “naughty” with the sex scenes. Perhaps they’ve found their niche and are taking the ball and running with it. Perhaps they know they do a good job with this type of stuff and why fix something that isn’t broken? I loved the way Caroline just said “ok” to everything asked of her. Walk with me to a secluded area even though you just met me on a grubby street and I’m a smelly looking French sleezeball, “ok.” Take off all your clothes and eat the food from the floor, “ok.” Dream come true if you ask me. Kidding, of course. Extras include interviews with Misty and director Donald Farmer, and a behind the scenes featurette. Hardcore, no. Softcore, yes. Misty Mundae, oh yes!- Denis Sheehan  



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