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AMAZON JAIL (Blue Underground)1982 Women in Prison (WIP) 93 Minutes. With all the praise that our fearless editor gave director Oswaldo DeOliveira’s earlier effort, Bare Behind Bars I was actually looking forward to this one. It’s the same plot. Women in prison being sold to the sex trade. You get all the clichés; tons of naked women, sadistic guards, one guard who has the hots for one of the women, the list goes on and on. It’s a shame that this film is so damned dull! Plus, none of it is believable. Any one of the women could get out of the hut where they are being held captive with little effort. Plus, the women are always telling the guards off and since they are being sold they don’t want to get any marks on them so the women are really running the show. The whole production is one giant mess. 
  This is the one that would have benefited from some of that yummy hardcore action that Bare Behind Bars had. Plus, since when does Blue Underground release a disc with only the theatrical trailer as an extra? Sounds like they’ re slipping. This would have been better as a bonus on the Bare Behind Bars disc instead. First time I’ve seen a feature released by Blue Underground that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone… and I liked The Big Alligator River. -Douglas Waltz



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