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(One 7 Movies) aka Alien degli abissi. 1988. Sci-fi. 92 minutes. English/Italian. Not Rated. Two environmentalists trespass onto an island intent on exposing a dirty rotten corporation’s practice of dumping toxic waste into an active volcano. However, the two are quickly discovered and find themselves, and a local snake hunter (or as the lead female calls him, “A snake squeezer”), fighting the evil corporation’s soldiers and..oh…my…god…an even more evil byproduct of the toxic dumping.
  Out of Italy and regarded a splendid rip-off movie, Alien from the Deep (directed by Antonio Margheriti, who also directed if more needs to be written) is a perfect example of great bad cinema…but is actually a pretty good romp if taken for what it is, which I am unsure if IT actually knows what it is. I must admit, there are some damn interesting camera angles and a few good make-up effects (quick, but effective). And how about the splendid American actor Charles Napier playing a major roll! Mr. Napier passed in 2011 and if you do not know the name, you will recognize his chiseled face. Dude’s been in everything. Lead actress Marina Giulia Cavalli, born in Portland, OR, but has made a career in Italy, intentionally teases the viewer with peeks and looks, but essentially plays the role as Ripley from the Alien movies…in more ways than one. Oh, and you’ll see some great miniature sets that’ll have the Toho Studio boys saying, “Very good. Yes! Very good.” I could sit here and give it all away, but shan’t. However, be sure to look for the Mac Daddy door slam and ensuing ridiculous dialog (of which you would already know if you followed my social media shyt...dicks)! Seriously, I went into the DVD thinking I would end it ten minutes later, but Alien from the Deep is a pleasant surprise and wonderfully filled a hungover Sunday afternoon. I only wish Mr. Napier was still around so I could let him know. – denis sheehan




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