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(Anchor Bay) DVD. 1957. Horror. Black and White. Dr. John Rollason (Peter Cushing), a botanist by trade and a former mountain climber, decides to join an expedition into the Himalayas to search for The Abominable Snowman. As the men trek deeper into the freezing snowy mountain range, they must battle not only the elements, but nutty bandits are taking potshots at them and their stamina starts to dwindle. And oh let me write that one poor bastard takes one hell of header! Ah yes, although the adventure is really starting to suck, the men are thrown a bone when they come in contact with the legendary man beast Yeti and the surviving men devise a plan to lure other snow beasts to them.
      Like most Hammer Studio productions, Ab-Snowman is over loaded with character development and melodrama while kind of stingy with the monster shots.  The storyline is your basic plot; adventure, personal conflict, heroes, surprising deaths, etc. The sets are at times very cool, but other times they look like the Brady kids designed it for a backyard play. Tell me, when the team is being shot at while traveling and the dude looks through his binoculars at the bandits, what is that white rectangle thing on the far right? Damn, I rewound the dvd three times and froze it trying to figure it out. While you’re at it, please explain the ending! Good enough ending, but it left me confused. Extras include audio commentary by director Val Guest and writer Nigel Kneale, theatrical trailer, and a featurette/bio on Peter Cushing (which gives away what the Ab-Snowman looks like, so watch the movie first). Oh, you’ll love the part when the dudes falls. Must of shocked the snot out of all those snutty British types back in 1957. – Denis Sheehan


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