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ABLE EDWARDS (Heretic Films) 2004. 87 Minutes. Not rated. Experimental/Sci-Fi. In the future, an uninhabitable Earth is forcing people to live on space colonies that orbit the dead planet. To regain the fallen empire’s previous glory, a group has cloned Able Edwards: a cross between Walt Disney and Charles Foster Kane. And while the clone is Able Edwards, it has an identity of its own and that’s where the problems occur.
  Able Edwards boasts that it is the first film to be shot all on greenscreen with just actors. I will give props that Able Edwards is a return to some good old-fashioned science fiction instead of the fluff that is usually forced down our throats. The backgrounds are weird because a lot of them are still shots scanned from places like the public library. Neat idea, kinda weird execution. In the end is it any good? Well, yes and no. Did you like Citizen Kane? And if you did, did you find yourself saying, “This would be cool if it had clones in it,” then this is the flick for you. It follows Citizen Kane a little too closely and in the process takes away from any originality it may have had to begin with. It’ll be remembered as doing something first, but just not as well as the ones that came after it. -Douglas A. Waltz



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