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(Retro Seduction Cinema) 1975. Not rated.  Typical Joe Sarno fare with tons of soft core that you just wish would cross over into the realm of hard core. Abigail concerns the titular character coming home to her seaside town and picks up where she left off long ago. Being a truly carnal creature, it isn't long before she is getting it on with half the town.
  Abigail Leslie is Back in Town is another in the huge stable of Sarno flicks that Seduction Cinema seems determined to release. While itís nice that they take the time with classic cinema like this, you kind of wish they would take their own, home made product as seriously. While this is no Inga, it does what itís meant to do; titillate. Itís nice to see early performances by the likes of Jamie Gillis and Jennifer Welles that arenít actual hardcore, but the entire film seems ho hum and kind of lackluster in comparison to other Sarno films. In addition to the flick we get an interview with the husband and wife team of Joe and Peggy Sarno. Joe does commentary for his film which doesnít make the film more interesting, but it is always fun to hear Joe go on about his past. Also included is a nice full color booklet. In the end, itís just more of the same old same old and pretty much a reason why soft core cinema died out in the seventies before being resurrected by Retro Seduction Cinema. --Douglas A. Waltz



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