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(No Shame Films) 1977. 92 Minutes. Italian Crime Thriller. Not Rated. Dario Mauri (Luc Merenda) is the new cop in town and he’s determined to make Naples crime free.  He arrives at a fortuitous time as crime boss Don Domenico’s operation is crumbling under him. A two million dollar drug shipment is intercepted by his henchman Andronico and now the German’s want either their money back or the drugs. And Dario is determined to get all of them.
   A Man Called Magnum is obviously titled to take advantage of the Dirty Harry films, but belong to the eclectic, high paced world of the Italian crime flick.  Lots of shooting, lots of car chases and one of the most gorgeous women you have ever set eyes on.  Thankfully, she spends very little time in her clothes. Luc Merenda dominates the screen as the titular character and brings a gritty feel to the film. A polar opposite to his role in The Last Round where he was a smooth, snake like villain. No Shame gives a beautiful print of a great film.  In addition there is a brief (16 Minute) interview with Luc Merenda that has way too much stock footage in it and not enough of Mr. Merenda. Also the director Michele Massimo Tarantini does a fantastic commentary and there is the obligatory beautiful color booklet with enough information for a film history. A Man Called Magnum is a fantastic film and deserves a new life on the DVD shelf of any true fan of this type of film. -Douglas A. Waltz  



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