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DVD Archives

Hammer House of Horror - 5 DVD box of Hammer Horror anthology. Asylum- French Comedy-Thriller.
Alien from the Deep - sci-fi Document of the Dead- Documentary diving into George A. Romero's Dead series.
Pizza Shop: The Movie- comedy indie oncerning a pizza shop.   Spinning Plates- documentary concenring three restaurants. 
Wild Girl Waltz- Indi comedy out of Western Massachusetts.    I Vinti - 1953 Michelangelo Antonioni drama.
More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead- Documentary about that awesome movie!   Vampire Circus- 1972 Hammer!
The Restaurateur- documentary Homemade Monster- rock-a-billy and horror.
The Fernando Arrabal Collection 2 Embodiment of Evil- Coffin Joe horror
Passion & Power: The Technology of Orgasm- It's a documentary, not pornography, you preeevert. Sick Girl- good indi about female nutjob
A Hole in a Fence- Cool documentary concerning a large plot of land in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Lucker: The Necrophagous- Sick guy likes corpses
Confusions of an Unmarried Couple- Amusing indie look at a relationship that's all too real. Necroville- video store clerks take on monsters!
Still We Ride- social documentary covering the monthly Critical Mass bicycle ride versus 
the New York City Police Dept.
The Last Round- 1976 Italian crime
Beat of Souls: A Generation of Beat Poets- Maria Beatty's look at some beat poets. Richard Kern: Extra Action - naked women.
Deadwood Park- indi horror from Eric Stanze. Die and Let Live- indie horror/comedy.
Trailer Park of Terror- Hmmmm, gee...I wonder. Un Chant D'Amour- 1950 Gay/Art film by Frenchman Jean Genet.
Savage Harvest 2: October Blood- Indi horror. An Erotic Werewolf in London- Misty Mundae fun.
Bay State Blues- good drama shot in MA Homemade Hillbilly Jam- Documentary about a few  Missouri "Hillbilly" bands.
The Outsiders of New Orleans: Loujon Press- story of the 
small press that helped launch Charles Bukowski
Savage Harvest- indi horror.
Justine de Sade- 1972 Eurotrash/softcore thing. The District- Hungarian Animation.
Dear Pillow- good indi about a 17 year old boy and his nonsex. Dracula's Dirty Daughter- Vamparina seeks revenge against her Pop's killer.
Bacterium- indo horror/sci-fi directed by Brett Piper. The Films Of Kenneth Anger: Vol 2- collection of shorts.
Snake Woman's Curse- 1968 Japanese horror. Going Under- 2004 S&M, bondage drama.
Beauty Queen Butcher- 1991 b-slasher Able Edwards- sci-fi shot 100% in front of a greenscreen.
Crazy Legs Conti- documentary about competitive eating. Horrors of Malformed Men- 1969 Teruo Ishii whackiness.
Chainsaw Sally- indi horror Anita- 1972 Christina Lindberg
The Black Belly of the Tarantula- 1972 giallo. A Man Called Magnum- 1977 Italian Crime flic.
Starbucking- a man's quest to visit every Starbucks in the world. Schoolgirl Report #1- 1970 softcore German grindhouse.
Skin Crawl- Debbie Rochon, Julian Wells creepy tale of deceit and revenge. Cinema of Death- collection of five shorts.
Slaughtered Vomit Dolls- do you really need an explanation? Moonlighting Wives- early Joe Sarno stuff.
Topless Tapioca Wrestling- gee, I wonder... Ghoul School- old school horror b-movie.
Crash Test- human crash test dummies! The Confession- interactive surveillance camera movie.
Woodchipper Massacre- 1988 black comedy b-movie Carnival of the Damned- Four people take on a Cult and the walking dead.
Azumi- Great Japanese Samurai flic. Cannibal Campout- 1988 low budget gore
Masters of Horror: Imprint- the banned episode. The Flesh Merchant- 1993 thing.
The Vice Guide to Travel- several mini documentaries 
and a book about unsavory travel destinations.
Street Law- 1971 Franco Nero.
Christmas Evil- 1980 cult Christmas flic. Shock-O-Rama- anthology flic.
Red Lips Double Feature- 1969 Jess Franco nuttiness. The Pyjama Girl Case- 1977 Giallo.
Flesh for Olivia- Misty Mundea Let's Get Frank- A look at Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank
The Bedroom- crappy Asian flic. Frankenstein vs The Creature from Bloody Cove- Cool homage to campy 1950's horror.
Let Me Die a Woman- 1978 Gender Bender Docudrama by Doris Wishman Toxic Narcotic: Live in Boston. Live punk show.
Bare Behind Bars- 1980 Women in Prison filth! Amazon Jail- 1982 Women in Prison
Buffalo Boy- A teenage boy comes of age in 1940s Vietnam  The Big Alligator River- 1979 Italian stuff.
Cheeky!- Tinto Brass. Intercessor- ah, just read the review.
Abigail Leslie is Back in Town- 1975 Joe Sarno softcore grindhouse. Chaos Unlimited- great micro budget flic shot in Massachusetts.
Meet the Creeps 2- Hidden camera pranks via Jim Florentine and pals. Wolf Creek- It's a horror movie mate.
The Fifth Cord- 1971 Italian Giallo starring Franco Nero. The Buxom Bombshell Collection- 1971 Grindhouse flics starring Uschi Digard
Moonlight by the Sea- indie black and white thing. Goto, Island of Love- 1969 Walerian Borowczyk
Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet- Misty Mundae rules! The Seduction of Misty Mundae- Misty and Julian Wells
Slime City- 1989 re-release. Satan's Blood- 1977 Satan flic out of Spain.
Bill Hicks: Sane Man- Stand up comedian and legend. Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye- 1973 Italian giallo.
Ken Burns: American Lives- 7 DVD set. School of the Holy Beast- 1974 Nunploitation
Bird with the Crystal Plumage- 1970 Dario Argento Satan's Black Wedding/Criminally Insane- Nick Phillips stuff
Strip Nude for Your Killer- 1975 Italian Giallo. Have Gun Will Travel Season 2- Paladin, the gun for hire.
South Park: Season 6- you know. Fire and Ice- 1983 Frank Frazetta/Ralph Bakshi animation.
Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection Vol 1.- figure it out... The Blind Dead Collection- five DVD set from Director Amando de Ossorio.
Titus: Seasons 1 and 2- Great comedy tv show from 2000-2002 Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key- 1972 Giallo.
Bonhoeffer- Kick ass priest who took on Hitler. SamhainLive in 1984- Glen Danzig's old band.
Misty Mundae; Euro-Vixen Collection- three DVD set. Feeding the Masses- Zombie flic with a message.
Manson Family Movies- Chuck's home flicks, but not really. The Warriors: Director's Cut- Great gang flic.
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow- 1963 Sophia Loren. The Locals- Horror out of New Zealand
Bad Boy Bubby- manboy takes on the world. The Red Tent- 1971 North Pole expedition flic starring Sean Connery and peter Finch.
Prison a Go-Go- Women in prison spoof. Dead Leaves- artsy flic about a guy and his dead woman.
Live from Shiva's Dance Floor- Some dude ranting about life. Crank Yankers Season 2, Vol. 1- you know.
Reconciled Through the Christ- Horror with Christian message. Danger! 50,000 Volts- Nick Frost's comedy tv series.
Blazing Stewardesses- 1975 kaaayyyyyyrap Reflections of Evil- one nutty flic that makes zero sense.
Boccaccio '70- Four shorts directed by and starring legendary Italians. Angel Guts-Five DVD box set centering around Japanese rape.
Severe Injuries- Horror/comedy Alone in a Haunted House- "Documentary"
D-DAY: Down to Earth- Return of the 507th- WW2 documentary Bettie Page: Dark Angel- Bettie Page Docudrama
Don't Ask Don't Tell- refried version of the 1950s sci-fi schlock Killers from Space The Girl Who Shagged Me- Misty Mundae
The Woodsman- Great drama starring Kevin Bacon Cannonball- 1979 David Carradine car flic.
Sherman's March- 1986 Doc about a dumped guy and his future chicks. Cheers- Season 3 and 4.
The Loveless- 1982 Willem Dafoe/Kathryn Bigelow biker flic. The Seduction of Inga- 1969 Joe Sarno grindhouse.
Pornstar Pets- Documentary about Pornstar's pets.  The Grudge/Ju-On- remake vs the original quickie.
Last Exit- loser criminal losses it. Smithereens- 1982. East Village music scene flic.
Have Gun Will Travel: Season One- 1958 TV western. Six DVDs Vampire Junction- Jess Franco slop.
Crank Yankers: Season One Uncensored- prank phone calls, with puppets. Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing- like you have no idea?
Growin' a Beard- Documentary about one odd small town contest. Bite Me! Horror/comedy
Zombie- 1979 Fulci classic Lust for Dracula- erotic horror starring Misty Mundae and Julian Wells
Friday the 13th DVD Set- parts I-VIII and a bonus disc. Meat Market 2- indo zombie
Womb Raider- erotic spoof Voodoun Blues- Misty Mundae project
The Alan Clarke Collection- Five DVD set from this British filmmaker Mean Girls- comedy
South Park: The Passion of The Jew- ummm, you know. Dead Girl on Film/Kitty Killers- b-movie double feature
Uncle Sam: I Want You Dead- Patriotic Zombie! The Driller Killer -1979 violence
Peter Rottentail- You'll be sorry.... Premutos: Lord of The Living Dead- Olaf Ittanbach gore
That 70s Girl- Misty Mundae Star Trek Voyager- DVD sets for the entire series, seasons 1-7
A Perfect Candidate- Doc centering around Ollie North's 1994 Senate run.   Fight for Your Life- 1977 racial grindhouse release
The Journey- Cross country documentary about finding happiness, etc. Paycheck- Ben Affleck sci-fi/thriller
Getting Out of Rhode Island- imrov indie shot during a single night Big Fish- Tim Burton greatness
The Tenement- indi horror The Critic: The Complete Series- DVD box set
Better Luck Tomorrow- Drama about rich Asian-American high school kids. Cheers: The Second Season Box Set
Suspended Animation- Thriller/drama from John Hancock Dropkick Murphys: On the Road. Concert, videos, etc. 
Screaming Dead- Misty Mundae horror. Creep- 1995 indi horror/slasher fun.
The Family Guy: Season 1&2 and Season 3 DVD Box Sets Starsky & Hutch: The First Season. 5 DVD set.
Chappelle's Show: Season One Uncensored DVD Set- Dave Chappelle comedy tv show School of Rock- Jack Black comedy
Dickie Roberts, Former Child Star- David Spade comedy. Christopher Lee Box Set- four DVDs.
Walls in the City- 1994 Jim Sikora indi. Once Upon a Time in Mexico- Robert Rodriguez film.
Elevator Movie- weird indi flic about two people stuck in an elevator The Undertow- Hick kills City Slickers
Cheerleader Autopsy- indi black comedy The Seekers- indi horror
Whale Rider- movie out of New Zealand Mondo Cane- 8 DVD box set of 60's/70's shockumentaries.
Spiderbabe- Misty Mundae erotic spoof. Death Bed; The Bed That Eats- long lost 1976 flic.
The House That Screamed, 1 and 2- two indie horror flics Goth- indie horror
Meet the Creeps- pranks, pranks, and more pranks. In A Glass Cage- troubling flic out of Spain.
God Told Me To- 1976 Larry Cohen Cinema Beer Buddy- music video compilation
Hey...Stop Stabbing Me- Low budget Horror/Comedy spoof Venom- 1982 snake flic.
Bone- 1972 Larry Cohen  The Isle- movie out of Korea
  The Hunted- Tommy Lee Jones, Bencio Del Toro action Targets- 1968 Boris Karloff thriller
Nekromantik 2- a woman and her smelly, rotting corpse Dead & Buried- 1981 horror
Darkbuster- live shows from these Boston punks Blind Target- Jess Franco crap
The Swimmer- 1968 Burt Lancaster Salon Kitty- 1975 Tinto Brass Nazi flic.
Two Evil Eyes- 1990 Romero/Argento/Savini effort   Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde- Misty and Julian.
Cheers: The First Season Box Set Hollywood Vampyr- indie drama/horror
Star Trek; Nemesis- Newest Next Generation movie Baba Yaga- 1973 thing
Vampyres- 1974 Erotic/horror Black Heat- 1976 blaxploitation
Justine- 1968 Jess Franco swill Mummy's Kiss- boobs
The Fast Runner- film out of Igloolik (Arctic) Contraband- 1980 Lucio Fulci gore/crime drama
Lord of the G-Strings- Misty Mundae parody Berkeley in the Sixties- Doc on various protests. 
Eugenie- 1969 Eurosleaze by Jess Franco Christmas Season Massacre- gore/comedy
Grand Slam- Cool 1969 diamond heist movie. Mad Love- Out of Spain flic about Queen Joan
I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse- 1973 Fernando Arrabal Satan's School for Lust- Misty Mundae
Trapped- Kevin Bacon, Charlize Theron thriller Pauline and Paulette- Belgium drama
Sweatin' to the Oldies- The Vandals, Live The Naughty Stewardesses- 1974 unintentional comedy
The Toolbox Murders- late 70's horror Death Factory- indie horror
Rock & Roll Frankenstein- silly horror Meat Market- indie zombie flic
Zombie Doom- Sick gorefest from Germany. Shock Waves- Nazi zombies from the deep
Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire?- figure it out.. Stroszek- 1976 Herzog
Resident Evil - You know. The Prowler- 1981 Slasher flic.
I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave- wicked ick! Three Tinto Brass movies- Italian erotica
TSOL- Live 1991 concert Dark Blue World- Cool WW2 Czech movie
Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula- Jess Franco Witchbabe- Erotic Witch Project III
Roxanna- 70's grindhouse/2002 remake The Devil's Backbone- Spanish Horror
My Vampire Lover- soft core lesbo The Church- Argento horror
Songs for Cassavetes- indi music doc An Erotic Vampire in Paris- Misty, once again
Little Dieter Needs to Fly- Great Documentary Pig- troublesome short
Playmate of the Apes- erotic parody Inga- 1967 Joseph Sarno 
Hell's Highway- indi, gore horror The Erotic Mirror- Misty Mundae costar
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser- 1974 Werner Herzog Earth vs. the Spider- 50's remake
Igor and the Lunatics- Bad cinema The Dream of Garuda- Japanese Pink Cinema
Four of the Apocalypse- Fulci Spaghetti Western Mummy Raider- Misty Mundae flic
Possession of Nurse Sherri- great 70's schlock Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula- Lesbo Vamps
The Abominable Snowman- 1957 Hammer Horror Blank Generation/Dancing Barefoot- CBGB's Punk
Three Seduction Cinema releases Rage- 20 Years of Punk Rock Music
Toxic Narcotic- Boston Punk Band  
In The Flesh- documentary on strippers Tomcats- comedy
The Erotic Ghost- soft core erotica Mr. Bill- Ohh Nooo!!!
Farscape- Sci-fi tv show City of the Living Dead- Fulci horror
Two-Lane Blacktop-1971 gearhead flic Fire on the Amazon- early Sandra Bullock
The Beyond- Fulci horror Don't Torture a Duckling- Fulci horror
Martin- early George Romero Deep Red- Argento giallo
Scandal- 1989 drama Even Dwarfs Started Small- Werner Herzog 
Lucinda's Spell- indie fantasy/black comedy Army of Darkness- Part 3 of The Evil Dead Trilogy





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