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(Signet) by Graham Masterton. Suspense/horror. Fiction. 2002. 218 pages. While Bonnie, a typically unfulfilled housewife and Mother, is working hard at two jobs, her unemployed, drunk of a husband is fast asleep in front of the tv and her son is out getting into fights. Along with juggling a job selling cosmetics and fighting off the advancements from her boss, Bonnie finds time to be the areas most reliable crime scene clean-up lady. After cleaning up a number of truly disturbing and messy crime scenes, Bonnie discovers a pattern not discovered by the police and becomes intrigued. 
After reading Trauma, I have come to the conclusion that Graham Masterton came up with a very chickable (struggling yet strong woman being taken for granted by her husband while constantly fighting numerous dead ends and let downs) “Life of Bonnie” story suitable for the Lifetime Channel, but decided to throw in some very detailed, heinous crimes to mess up the chick story and assuring nonacceptance into the Oprah Book Club. That being said, or typed, I really liked Trauma. The writing and story is so easy flowing, it only took me a few hours to read this book. There is nothing all that surprising here, but the detail in which Masterton describes everything, especially the deaths, is amazingly, well, detailed. Trauma is one of those great “in betweener” books; great to read between other books because it’s good, easy to read, and it occupies your mind to help pass the time. One thing for sure, I’ll be picking up other books by Graham Masterton.- Denis Sheehan    



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