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Boston area folk...the authors will be speaking at Harvard Univ (open to the public) April 30....details here.

THE SUFFERING AND CELEBRATION OF LIFE IN AMERICA by Shane and Amy Bugbee (Site) Book and Movie. Note: due to technical issues, I am unable to review the movie. Once I do, I’ll update.
  Over the years, Shane and Amy Bugbee have had their mitts in all sorts of off the beaten path projects (not listing ‘em, do some of yer own research, jerks) and this trend continued when the married couple decided to hit the road for one year. With only $180, a dog, a turtle, no place to comfortably rest their heads, and no jobs, Shane and Amy left Chicago on November 4, 2007 and documented the adventures in this boovie (book and movie).
  The Book: The year of discussion is captured via pictures, interviews, and journal entries. The journal entries do not come across as “diary like,” but instead are entertaining short stories that wonderfully pass along the various experiences of finding work through and other adventures/misadventures. Pssttt…Amy cleaning a house for a naked guy is particular amusing and causes me to wonder why she didn’t run to the hills! The interviews come from an eclectic slice of folk who Shane and Amy bunked with (again, found via the Internet), artists, tattoo artists, musicians, professors, pastors, “oddball” church founders, and your common ordinary workers. I could list names here as some of the interviewed are well known, but shall not because part of what I loved about this book is not knowing what to expect next. I liked not knowing who/what was on deck for me to read, to cheer, to boo; ‘twas like a bunch of surprise birthday parties in a row. Honestly, before reading “The Suffering and Celebration…,”I feared it would be timed and I was so proven wrong. The words are basically timeless. Naturally, some interviewed bash GW Bush as this book takes place at the ends of his two terms, but chances are the people who bring up Bush will mostly likely do the same twenty years from now. At 532 pages, the book is a big’in, but easily flows thanks to, well, it’s written content of course, and great pictures. The book is available in a few forms including some limited editions. Go for a ride without ever leaving your house and you won’t have to deal with dog car farts. – Denis Sheehan



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