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(Gorsky Press) by Ben Snakepit. 2004. Autobiography. Ben Snakepit is your not so average mid-to-late twenties man who does what most guys his age do; he drinks, get stoned, plays in a band, has numerous jobs, and is driven crazy by females. What makes Ben not so average, you ask? Well, everyday for the past three years, Ben has documented his life in daily three panel comic strips. Not afraid to let it all show, Ben turns his experiences, both rewarding and disappointing, into straight forward and often humorous visuals.
I hate diaries. I hate journals. The Snake Pit Book is basically a journal. My God, I loved this book! Ben is not the greatest artist (he admits this himself), but he’s light years better than me and his drawings perfectly capture his life and the emotions running through his heart and head at the time of the drawing. The self portraits of Ben getting stoned are hilarious! Each of the strips are titled with a song and the song’s artist; but I have no idea how this relates to the respective strip. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first got this book to review. In fact, I almost pawned it off to another reviewer. However, about five pages into this book, I couldn’t put it down! Just to give you an idea of Snake Pit’s appeal; a guy I work with who is 180 degrees different than me (other than we both work for the same company) saw this book on my desk and picked it up. Since that first glance, he has repeatedly picked up the book and continued his reading. Ben Snakepit has inspired me:



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