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by Toby Barlow (Get it anywhere) Harper Perennial. Free Verse Fiction. 308 pages, plus some extra stuff. The lycanthropes are alive and well, and roaming the country in packs. However, there’s more to being a werewolf than eating humans and here lies their story. Power, greed, love, and vengeance fuel the werewolves and an innocent dogcatcher who’s looking only for love, but bites off more than he can chew.
  Sharp Teeth is written in free verse poetry and is void of useless words that waste time. Every word matters and every word makes this book a damn pleasure to read. Stripped down to its purest essence, the characters will either find their way into your heart or have you hating their existence. The text flows so well, you’ll forget its format and feel as if you’re reading a novel. Vivid descriptions of love and gore will kick the snot out of you. Sharp Teeth is one of those books I really wish went on forever. – Denis Sheehan



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