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(Carroll & Graf Publishers) by Alfred Lansing. Nonfiction. 1959. 282 pages. I read this book about two months ago and was totally blown away by this true life story. “Endurance..” is about Ernest Shackleon’s 1914 expedition to the Antarctic and how he and his 27 man crew become stranded there for over two years. It is an amazing story of survival. 
     I had planned on writing a full review for this book, but this story has suddenly become very popular and I can’t write anything that you can't read or watch elsewhere. Besides, this story is something you should realize on your own and not through some half ass book review. Although I liked the way this book is written, you can find these facts/details anywhere. Many books have been published (including a beautiful hardcover photograph book), a movie is airing on tv, PBS’s Nova just aired an amazing documentary detailing the adventure, and The Museum of Science in Boston has an incredible movie showing in its Omni Theater (huge theater where the screen completely surrounds you). Therefore, I am not going to review this book, but I highly recommend reading or watching something about Shackleton and this unbelievable story. – Denis Sheehan



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