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by Anthony G. Herles (Propaganda Press) 2010. Short stories.36 pages. 4.25x5.5. A collection of four short stories concerning a now defunct ice house, Herles offers a peek at some odd characters, a one eyed dog, and even a rather yucky murder. Scraps is such a sweet story, even Michael Vick will fall in love with that lovable pooch. Though brief, The Indian drums up two characters, Art and his nutty wife, that will have the reader wishing he/she worked the icehouse when this couple was around. Steve nicely captures that “back in the day” feel when two aged coworkers cross paths after years apart (the story is about as long as many of these meeting occur). A Man in the Cake will have you double check that ice in your drink!
  Though a quick read, Poughkeepsie Icehouse is packed with pleasant stories and great character depth. You know when you watch a movie or read something and think it would be cool to work where the characters work? That’s the case with this book. I enjoyed this one so much, I actually read it twice and it’s going with the rest of the keepers for a third reading years from now. –Denis Sheehan




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