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MY LIFE IN A JUGULAR VEIN: Three More Years of Snakepit Comics
(Microcosm Publishing) by Ben Snakepit. 2007. Graphic novel/nonfiction. 288 pages. 2004-2006. As in his first release, The Snake Pit Book, Ben Snakepit journals his life via daily three panel comics and the son-of-a-bitch holds nothing back. Well, he doesn’t spill the beans when it comes to sex, but the mofo is a gentleman, so what do you expect? In My Life…Snakepit’s autobiographical journey covers Jan 1, 2004 to Dec 31, 2006 and everything in between, which is at times a bit hectic. While some of his days are mundane, whose isn’t other than Paris Hilton (and who the fuck wants to be her?), Ben offers up some good tales of a punk rocker making ends meet through various means. Along with “business,” Ben also deeply dives into his personal life as far as girls, love, work, touring, and scabies go.

            Never before in my life have I read 288 pages faster than this book. The reader cannot help but become involved in Ben’s world through his words and drawings. True, his cartoons are not the most sophisticated drawings in the world, but damn they will make you laugh out loud; especially his artistic flair concerning being drunk and stoned (which almost makes me want to get stoned to see if how he makes it look is really how it feels). Now, I am not going to give away my biggest belly howls, but damn I became one with the fucker as he found himself pissed and annoyed when seeing his ex-girlfriend, someone he endlessly refers to throughout the book, with her new man who’s wearing a backwards baseball cap! You see, I was once involved with a hottie, who is ten years younger than me (which always makes life more fun) and who also unceremoniously dumped my arse in an email. I dug this chick because after knowing her for only maybe three hours, she winked at me with her arsehole as she retrieved her panties from her bedroom floor. Some time later, I ran into her at a party and she was with her new man: a frat boy looking chap sporting a backwards baseball cap and skin tight t-shirt, even though it was below freezing during a cold December night in Boston. Doesn’t matter, really, since I came face to face with her in an upstairs bedroom and did everything to her but shag her rotten while frat boy drank below us flexing his muscles and bending at the elbow. Sorry, enough about me. Not only does Ben title each comic with a song title and its artist, he includes a CD that synchs up with 18 days in the book! I cannot think of a reason why you should go without this book! – Denis Sheehan



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