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(Microcosm Publishing) by Liz Baillie. 2007. Graphic novel/fiction. 128 pages. Collecting the first five issues of her zine, Liz Baillie’s comics tell the story of a group of queer punk rocker teenagers living in New York . The panels weave stories from teenage crushes, friendship, uncertainty, and the finer side of life’s various disappointments.
Revolving around the main character Kate, an early teen who discovers she likes girls, Liz Baille nicely tells the story of a girl who must deal with the average teenage crap topped with being gay. Though the gay stuff is in the foreground, the stories are not preachy (I’m sure neo-Cons will think it is preachy and ultra-Libs will think it doesn’t go far enough-fuck ‘em, I say) and honestly disappear into Kate’s surroundings. Helping raise the shenanigans is Kate’s best friend Joey; your typical male teenage pain in the arse. Though I did find the dialog a bit mature for early to mid teenagers, even for those raised on Kevin Smith movies, the stories are engaging and easily understood since we were all once teens; gay or not. Liz’s artistic talent is good and gets better with every page. I look forward to reading this continuing comic zine and shall hit Liz up for a trade. – Denis Sheehan



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