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(go to for more info) by Brian Rouff. 2004. Fiction. Drama/comedy. Alan Nichols is your basic middle-aged, middle class guy living in Las Vegas , NV . He’s got a job for the sake of having a job, his teenage daughter drives him insane as much as she baffles him, and he has a loving relationship with his wife. All is well and normal in Alan’s world, until he wins a contest that will make him an instant millionaire if he can sink a three point shot on national TV during a March madness basketball game. With four weeks to prepare, Alan hires Angela, a streetwise ex college basketball star from Detroit , as his coach to help with his nonexistent basketball form. While preparing himself for the pressure of the “money shot,” Alan learns a lot about himself and life as the grip of fame and fortune start to squeeze him.  
I first got this book to review about one year ago. I then lost the book (it was under the passenger seat in my car) and after finding it, I put the book aside as I was reading other stuff. Well, when I finally picked Money Shot up to read, I couldn’t put it down until I finished, and even then I was upset to see it end! The story is simple, yet engaging as hell. To me, the beauty of the book is the relationship between Alan and his coach, Angela. The two know their differences, but rather than stumbling around and avoiding them, they have fun with it to the near point of hysteria. This is the way we all should celebrate our differences. No need for undue attention or eggshells, just have fun and live, dangdibbilynabbit! Brian Rouff writes in a very easy going manner and beautifully intertwines tension and dry humor throughout the story. Like the tv commercial asks, “Want to get away?” If so, pick up Money Shot and join Alan Nichols to see if he makes his one shot wonder. – Denis Sheehan



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