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by Greg Gutfeld (The Daily Gut). 2008. Simon & Schuster UK . Nonfiction/Memoirs/Funny Arse Stuff. 238 pages. Here at Askew Reviews, we only review material submitted to us by someone: record label, movie studio, book publisher, crack whore, etc. We, Askew Reviews, do not review material purchased. Doing so would be unfair in many ways and raise the ol’ conflict of interest flag. However, I am making an exception with this book, Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings, because I found Greg Gutfeld’s stories, anecdotes, and opinions very amusing. I read most of this book on my front porch laughing like a loon as concerned neighbors pointed and huddled their children into the safety of their homes. Because of this and despite my shelling out monies for it, I shall give this book a quickie.
   Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings chronicles Gutfeld’s life after leaving New York City for the UK employed as the editor of Maxim magazine. Broken into 95 chapters, the book is written as if the reader is British, or at least living in the UK . Stories range from work culture to food to soccer (of course) to television personalities, but always center around pubs and drinking and the happiness they bring to the lives of the British, and Gutfeld. Observations on the differences between the UK and USA cover how old British men dress compared to America ’s old farts, scarves, and the meaning of “cunt” in both societies. The book concludes with Gutfeld returning to the US and his hanging with Johnny Rotten: the perfect ending for this book.

   As I write this review, the book is not available in the US , but can be purchased via, which is where I bought it, and Gutfeld hosts the television show, “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” on Fox News. – Denis “You Cunt” Sheehan



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