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HATE YOU CAN TRUST by The Klute. Poetry. 2010. 22 pages. Now, whenever I receive these wonderful small press books to review/read, I never ever read the press sheet, introductions, or anything that may lend a clue to the author and his/her work. However, after I finished this book, I was not the least surprised to discover that The Klute is a successful spoken word artist/performer.  You see, as I read the words in this book, I thought to myself how much fun it was to read this stuff aloud…the flow of the words beg to be performed rather than just simply read. It all made sense, unless you’re a stutterer, I suppose.
            On to the content…while the title may fool you into thinking the book is penned by a white supremacist, it is instead written by a left winger taking pokes at the typical left wing targets; Bush, Palin, Cheney, and Black republicans. Just to be a dick, I reread this book and wrote this review on the same night of Mitt Romney’s nomination acceptance speech at the 2012 GOP convention. I did not watch the speech as I was boozin’ pints and rereading this book at my favorite local. Priorities!  No, I am not a republican, nor a democrat. I simply found it amusing to read/write on this night when the topic is so anti-Right.  Again, dick me be.
            While I tend to find this type of stuff, whether anti Dem or anti Repub, to  be fodder for cheap laughs or applause (see Bill Maher, John Stewart, et al), the words are purdy damn entertaining, funny, and again, the flow will have you standing on your bed like a stage before a roused audience.
            “A Love Letter to Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin” pokes fun at the woman named in the title and the reaction, amongst other stuff, by conservatives to her 2008 Republican convention “wink.” Of course, The Klute fails to mention the lefts’ constant self facials every time President Bill Clinton bit his bottom lip…while lying to Americans at every turn! Yes, devil’s advocate, over here. In a clever twist, The Klute turns Adam and Eve into “Adam and Steve” and jollies at Fox News’ reversal from Gay Agenda to God’s Agenda. Very true! 
            Not all is political. “Madman” journeys into the mad world of The Confederate Fryrepublic of Kentuckistan. I’ll let you figure out that one out. Cookie lovers will devour and agree with “The Merit Badge of Pain” as Pepperidge Farms, Mrs. Field, The Girl Scouts, etc do battle!
            I am not 100% sure how you can get a hold of this book. However, if’n yer interested…which you should be…contact me and I’ll shoot a few emails in your behalf. Oh, silly me. It’s available on and other online biggies. Yes, if I ever find myself out-n-about in AZ, I shall try to catch The Klute at a show.   – Denis Sheehan



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