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HALF LI(v)ES by Anita Loomis. Stories/poetry. 57 pages. Hope and Nonthings Publishing. Holy smokies, I hope I never get into a fist-fight with Anita because she doesn’t hold back any punches. This woman scripts some down right tough and in your face writing that left me bruised in more than one place. Not only has Anita left me bruised, she has left me confused and loaded with questions!
The book is basically broken up into three sections; short stories, poems, and shorter stories. I did not read the poetry because I hate poetry and reading people’s poems makes zero sense to me. The short stories are stories about various things, many of which I believe have duel meanings. I think. This stuff is either really deep, or it’s just what it is. Not sure over here. The stories also have a lesbian leaning to them, which makes the stories hot to read because I looove lesbians. I do not care who they are or what they look like. I love them. In fact, if I knew two lesbian woodchucks were going to be going at it, I’d be there on a lawn chair with a nice frosty six-pack.
Hot short story; “Avalanche” is a quickie about one woman fisting another woman. While deeply fisting, the fister is thinking  “..I could pick her up this way. I could carry her over my head like a birthday balloon.” Talk about creative writing!
Now, this next story had a few sentences that has left me intrigued and scrambling for answers. In “An Introduction to the Subject,” Anita writes of a lesbian encounter with her lover (well, I think it is her lover, there are other things going on here that left me confused as to who this lover really is) after returning home from work;“..With that, she unzips her jeans and her fat purple dildo springs out..” What the Christ? Do some lesbians walk around with dildos in their pants? I find this amazing! Now I am wondering if some homosexual males walk around with little latex pussies in their pants! I know some lesbians and homosexuals, but not well enough to ask these types of questions. I think I’ll travel to Chicago and have a sit down with Anita. I need answers…
Although the writing contains a ton of lesbian behavior, I have no idea if Anita is a lesbian or not. What I do know about her is that she writes great porn reviews for Askew Reviews and she cranked out this killer book. You know, after reading this review, I really do not think this book was meant to turn on a heterosexual white male while opening a world of questions about dildos, but it has happened. Lesbians, don’t hate me. Great book , but not for the flowery or faint of heart. – Denis Sheehan



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