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(Tiki Room 32) by Jim Bryant. Tiki Room 32 Productions. Fiction. Zombie Noir. 112 pages. It’s a peaceful night along the oceanside , until Frank Graves takes multiple bullets to the chest that sends him sailing off a dock into the salty water. Days later, Frank kicks some ass in the mortuary, steals some clothes, and ventures out to see who plugged his chest full of lead. With the aid of a faithful buddy (ya, I forget his name), Frank finds the dame who plugged him and uses her to find the dastardly mofo who planned his hopeful demise. That’s right, Frank be a badass zombie.
  Convincingly written in the ala Dick Tracy, crime literature style, “Grave Danger” paints a damn compelling picture of a main character who could fuel many books to come. The writing has a comic book feel, yet the story engages the reader to carry on to see what happens next. Wide margins, large text font, and easy flow make for an quick read. Hey, if you’re constipated, this book may deliver two birds with one stone, or maybe one bird if you’re really constipated. If you happen to fall under constipation’s hell, try drinking a shytload (pun indented) of water in a short time period. When I was in fifth grade, I was terribly constipated (I was a mess of a boy) and two Devil Dogs and a huge Pepsi took care of me. A handful of cool full page illustrations depict scenes that are already painted by the text. Frank Graves is a cool character, “Grave Danger” is a cool book, and the entire concept is cool. I think I’ll become an actor and portray Zombie Graves in the movies. – Denis Sheehan



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