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DIVINE EXPLOITATION Vol. 6 No. 2 (Site) 48 pages. 6x8. What we’ve here, zinester, is a review mag with mighty awesome/color/glossy covers…and the fine outside of the mag hold even better content. Reviewed are the not so usual movies, some perhaps tough to get a hold of while others easily found on Hulu or Roku (although, I have neither). The full reviews are loaded with a plethora of information and history; the review of Hawas is a perfect example. I now feel like I’ve been schooled on a movie and genre I didn’t know existed. You’re All Surrounded is a Korean police drama television series (Hulu) which seems interesting and something I’d never know of...thanks Divine Exploitation! For comic book fans, also discussed is the Domination Factor line. You’ll find several DVD reviews of movies by people the reviewer met at past Cinema Wasteland conventions; Invaluable, Janet Joy: You Must’ve Been a Beautiful Baby, Scienceless Fiction, etc. Up next is an in-depth look at Extreme Sleeze Showcase III, a 42nd Street Pete DVD collection of sleeze/grind/porn trailers and loops. Capsule reviews and some short comic panels are also enjoyable. Yes…now I must see I Woke Early the Day I Die. –Denis Sheehan

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