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(Microcosm Publishing) by Cristy C. Road . 2007. Microcosm Publishing. This here book is made up of 96 pages depicting about 90 post card size artwork by artist Christy C. Road . The artwork, some black and white some color, covers a wide rage of topics from politics to lesbians to strap-on dildos. The last 13 pages are works she did for various bands (Ben Weasel, The Queers), zines (MRR), record companies, etc.
I was familiar with Chrsity C. Roads’ work and was one pleased mother fuckah when I found this book stuffed into my crappy post office box. I really like the way this woman expresses herself and she’s a damn fine artist. Even better, I can mail some of these things as the postcards are perforated for easy removal (postage not included you cheap bastard). – Denis Sheehan



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