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(Site) by Aimee Cooper. Nonfiction. 132 pages.  After accidentally coming across a live Johnny Thunders show while home in New York during her college break, Aimee Cooper immediately decides she wants to know more about punk rock. Returning to school in California, Aimee lands a job with punk magazine Slash and immerses herself into the punk rock “life-style.”
                Coloring Outside the Lines is a personal look at how punk rock affected (and effected) one woman, Aimee Cooper. Although there are a lot of stories pertaining to punk rock music, Aimee mainly focuses on the many friendships made after stepping into the punk rock scene. Along with the friendship stories, the reader is made privy to various forms of high jinx, brawls, road trips, cooking dinner for Black Flag, and of course, troubles with the police. One aspect of this book I loved is the fact that Aimee didn’t feel the need to be opinionated when it came to any and everything. So many punkers feel the need to be overly opinionated and try to force their thoughts down your throat, but not Aimee. She simply has a story to tell.  To be honest, if a male had written this book, I wouldn’t have even read it. However, since punk rock has so few female voices, especially from the early 80s, I was really interested in what Aimee had to write and I surely wasn’t disappointed. – Denis Sheehan



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