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edited by Robin Bougie (FAB Press) 2007. Collection of stuff from the Cinema Sewer fanzine. 186 pages. For the past decade or so, comic book artist/writer Robin Bougie and his wife Rebecca Dart (animator) have been publishing Cinema Sewer magazine, which covers grindhouse filth to the most obscure yet notable flics around. Not only are they movie enthusiasts, both are amazing artists, which is evident by the insane drawings that litter the pages in and around the text. This book is a collection of the best writings and drawing from the magazine: reviews, full blown articles, porn star biographies, rants, raves, several lists (including the 100 Worst Porn Movie Titles), rants, raves, etc. Everything under the grindhouse sun is covered. Along with the words and drawings are a library of photos, comics, movie ads, and lots of other related goodies.
There may only be 186 pages in this book, but there is more information crammed, and I mean really crammed, in here than a year’s worth of any major newspaper. While a majority of what’s covered falls under the porno and grindhouse marques, Robin and others also write about Asian film madness, rock movies, and even cover some made for television movies. Along with the entertaining writing and various pictures, what floors me is that I’ve been covering virtually the same porn/grindhouse fare for a long time, but this guy has introduced me to so much. I feel like a goddamn rookie! You just have to love the long ass piece on 1977’s Long Jeanne Silver; a pseudo documentary porn about a woman with a birth defect, no foot, and what she does with the stump. In case you haven’t figured it out, this book is for adults only. Fans/readers of Shock Cinema will adore this book. Cinema Sewer is an informative cesspool of fun in which all fans of this slop must swim, and I am delightfully soakin’ wet. – Denis Sheehan



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