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602 REASONS TO BE PISSED OFF by Paul Nardizzi. Comedy/rants. 112 pages. Along with being the author of this hilarious book, Paul Nardizzi is one of Boston’s finest stand-up comedians (as is Askew Staff writer John Turco). Paul has performed all over the place in various venues, and has even made a couple of appearances on The Conan O’Brien Show.
      602 Reasons is a collection of funny thoughts, scenarios, and possibly true life happenings that might just have you shaking your head if they were to happen to you. Some of the rants are way, way, way out there, but most of them are simple things that could easily happen on a daily basis. From fights to ex-girlfriends to food to self abuse to being drunk, every aspect of life is covered here…
There are two great things about this book; it’s damn amusing and it’s a nice simple read. I had to laugh extra hard at a few of the “reasons” because I’ve actually fallen victim to them. The individual thoughts range from as little as five word sentences to twenty-five word sentences. To be honest, I read this book in two sittings. Both being on a Saturday night-late night, while being fairly hammered. Needless to say I was roaring! Being the professional I am, I also read different selections from the book right here at work, sober, to see if I still found 602 amusing. Yes, it still has me roaring. You need not add alcohol to make this book funny. Check out this book and head out to see Paul live! – Denis Sheehan


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