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Book Reviews

What She Left by T.R. Richmond. 
Divine Exploitation Vol 6 No 2 - review zine
The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America by Shane and Amy Bugbee. They hit the road for a year and here it is...
Henry & Glenn Forever by various. Rollins and Danzig become "friends."
Hate You Can Trust by The Klute. Amusing poerty aimed mainly at the Right side of politics.
The Last Temptation of Clarence Odbody by John "Jughead" Pierson. It's a Wonderful Life what if...
Poughkeosie Icehouse by Anthony G. Herles. Four short stories
Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow. Novel written in free verse poetry. 
Unemployment by Aaron Lake Smith. Small zine about...guess.
Ed Galing- Several books of poetry is discussed. 
Snake Pit 2007 & 2008 by Ben Snakepit. Comic journal. Review covers two books.
Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings by Greg Gutfeld. Greg leaves NYC for employment in the UK and these are his thoughts.
Distance Makes the Heart Grows Sick: A Book of Postcards by Cristy C. Road
The Constant Rider Omnibus by Kate Lopresti. Compiles the seven issues of the zine.
My Brain Hurts: Vol. 1 by Liz Baillie. Comic zine collection about gay punk teens.
Rum Shots by Steve Barker. Short stories
Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the Outsider and Loujon Press by Jeff Weddle. Just read the text...
Cinema Sewer by Robin Bougie. Amazing "best of" from the magazine of the same name.
Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker. A demon surfaces from Hell...
My Life in a Jugular Vein: Three More Years of Snakepit Comics by Ben Snakepit.
Stag by Tim Relf. Story of a Lad who drinks too much and hunts for the reasons why.
Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed by Paul Trynka. Bio about, guess who, genius. 
Diary of a Congressional Candidate in Florida 's Fourth Congressional District by Richard Grayson. Just what the title indicates.
Afterlife Battlefield by Johnny Ostentatious. People who committed suicide do battle in the, well, afterlife.
Grave Danger by Jim Bryant- A Zombie noir Tale.
Blind by K. Rodriguez. Tales of a Bay Area Skinhead.
Easter Rising by Michael Patrick MacDonald. How a young man escaped the rough South Boston projects.
This Feels Like a Riot Looks by Kilian Betlach. Gritty take on a 20 year old punker.
Stars are Stars by Kevin Sampson. Tale about a U.K. Lad.
Big Lonesome by Jim Ruland. Bunch o' short stories.
Noir Reunion by Johnny Ostentatious. Friends reunite to claim hidden cash.
Weasels in a Box by John "Jughead" Pierson. Founder of Screeching Weasel.
The C.S. Lewis Chronicles by Colin Duriez. Figure it out, champ.
Kids' Stuff by Henry Sutton. A man's past invades his present day.
Money Shot by Brian Rouff. Dude can become millionaire if he sinks a 3 point shot.
Barney's Crew by Sean Carswell. Ten short stories.
Dark Tide by Stephen Puleo. Details the devastating 1919 molasses flood in Boston
The Enemy's Within by Jimmy Reject. Memoirs, short stories. 
Staying Alive by Matt Beaumont. A dying man lives life, hard.
The Snake Pit Book by Ben Snakepit. Autobiography made up of three panel comic strips.
How Soon is Never by Marc Spitz. A fan hopes to get the Smiths back together.
Born to Rock: Interviews and Essays by Todd Taylor. Razorcake dude.
Pop. 1280 by Jim Thompson. 1964 release.
The Frozen Water Trade: A True Story by Gavin Weightman. The story of Fredric Tudor and his early to mid 1800's ice industry.
You Got Nothing Coming- Notes From A Prison Fish by Jimmy Lerner. Memoir
Who's Who in Hell by Robert Chalmers. UK high jinx. 
Sleazoid Express by Bill Landis/Michelle Clifford. Times Sq. Grindhouse Tour
Coloring Outside the Lines by Aimee Cooper. Punk Rock memoirs.
A Bloody Good Friday by Desmond Barry. A violent Good Friday in a Welsh Village.
Trauma by Graham Masterton. Thriller, suspense, horror
Batavia's Graveyard by Mike Dash. True 1628 mutiny/shipwreck
Porno by Irvine Welsh. Sort of a Trainspotting 2
Clubland by Kevin Sampson. Kind of a continuation of Outlaws (see below).
Punk is a Four Letter Word by Ben Weasel. Collection of 25 columns by the lead singer of Screeching Weasel
Salad Days by Charles Romalotti. A punk rock novel.
Endurance : Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing. True amazing story of survival.
WINGS OF MORNING: The Story of the Last American Bomber Shot Down Over Germany in World War II by Thomas Childers. Amazing book.
A Drink with Shane MacGowan by Shane MacGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke. Memoir.
Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation by Joseph J. Ellis. Nonfiction History.
Half Li(v)es by Anita Loomis. Short stories and poetry written by Askew's female reviewer of porn!
Human Punk by John King- Title says it all
Outlaws by Kevin Sampson- Straight out of the UK
It Takes a Village Idiot by John Allen- The author is the lead singer of Big Bad Bollocks.
602 Reasons To Be Pissed Off by Paul Nardizzi- Boston stand-up comic.
LIKE HELL by Ben Foster (aka Ben Weasel) - Fictitious story about a punk band spanning 10 years.






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