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The Bone Print Damn Good Time============>
A Nobody's Nothings, The Longsberry Letters, 
Track Wreckard 1-14, and An 80s Video Store Clerk Vol 1-10 (VHS case not included)
Our two latest zines (Askew Reviews 15/14)
and a bottle opener/wine key.
$25 postage paid

The Bone Print Damn Good Time

Housed in a vintage, but new, VHS clamshell case (which are goddamn hard to find) with full color cover suitable for sticking on yer bookshelf with the OTHER literary greats, An 80s Video Store Clerk Vol 1-10 detail various nonsense experienced by a teenaged video store clerk…in the early/mid 80s. Chicks, assholes, creeps, drugs, and zits! Each volume is an 8x11 piece of paper cut and folded into a six page 2.75 x 4.25 black and white micro-zine. Total word count for the zines is approx 6,100. 2014.
$5 (plus $3 shipping)

A collection of writings, A Nobody's Nothings is loaded with short stories, poems (not the type of poetry Father wrote to bed Mother), Brain Scribbles ramblings, and one comic. The words are fiction and nonfiction weaving stories of fucked up love, sex, self destruction, and everyday life of everyday slobs. From scraping the gutter of Skid Row to searing the edges of romantic mumbo jumbo, this book will pork all sorts of emotions.
160 pages/8.5x5.5/softcover. 2007
$10 includes postage

 Track Wreckard 1-14 chronicles fourteen nights of drinking at the author’s favorite local pub. Written after returning home, Sheehan captures that night’s experiences, the people, and the thoughts spinning in his mind. The nights are recalled after imbibing with no editing, proofing, or checking. What was written-whether or not it was remembered the next morning-is what you’ll read. 
88 pages/4.25x7/softcover. 2010
$6 includes postage


Just Released! Mainly written 1995-1997, The Longsberry Letters is a collection of letters written by Sheehan and their responses. Corporations, politicians, and celebrities are the targets. One letter landed Sheehan on the Oprah Winfrey Show while another had the police knocking on his front door. The letters’ topics are humorous and written to invoke more than just a form letter response…see for yourself if it worked.
144 pages/11x8.5/softcover. 1995-2010
$10 includes postage

The Essential Collection:
An 80s Video Store Clerk
Micro-Zines Vol 1-10

A Nobody's Nothings

Track Wreckard 1-14

The Longsberry Letters

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Other published material:
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Sticking Around- Poem, Poiesis #4 (print only)
Mr. Stephenson- Short story, Chiron Review #87 (print only lit mag)
Daddy Brain Naps- Nonfiction, Gonzo Parenting #3 (print only lit mag)
Slowly Lonely - Poem, Gloom Cupboard #84 (last poem on page)
Accidentally - Poem, Gloom Cupboard #109
Pat and the Bully- Poem, Astoria #3
The Puzzle- Flash Fiction. In Between Altered States, Episode 28
An Interview with Sheehan (text)
Another Interview with Sheehan (audio)

Review copies are available, for the appropriate people. Contact us if you're interested.