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Askew Review 15

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Askew Reviews 15

New size and look! Approx 5” by 8” 84 pages!

Shorts by
Gary Every- Coyote’s Eat Princesses
Hugh Fox- Who?
Kristen Skerry- Tales from a Motel
Ben Hunter- Your VCR Ate the Porn That I Found in Your Closet
Pete Pasted- Kermit’s Finger + Ohio = Awesome (tour journal)
Gerald Budinski- Crossing Borders
Trevor Doherty- Blue Velvet
Greg Walsh- Annihilation
Denis Sheehan- Untitled and True
and advice from The Rakish Cad!


Plus and interview with Chef Tony Rinella!


We have CD (punk vein), DVD (stuff you won't find at Blockbuster), and book reviews (mostly small press)! Oh, we also review Marky Ramone’s Marinara Pasta Sauce!


You know, those little wisps of text the editor finds amusing but most likely annoys readers!

Purchase for only $4 (postage included)

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