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YOKO’S SECRET DIARY- ( 60 minutes. NR, nudity.  Yoko treats us to almost an hour of her frolicking in varies stages of undress. Yoko shows us her more sensual side on the beach, in bed, on the couch, in an outdoor shower, and in a hotel room. There is full nudity, but nothing explicit. There are a lot of panty shots and Yoko does run around a lot in those Japanese schoolgirl’s mini skirt. Yoko does talk some, as if she’s reading from her diary, but it is all in Japanese and I have no idea what she was saying. There are a few segments that are absolutely silent, except for Yoko moaning with pleasure as if masturbating. Although she is not touching herself, she still goes crazy. She must know how do bring on orgasm with thoughts! These scenes are pretty weird because it seems like she is right there. No music, no background noise, just Yoko and her moaning. I’m sure Yoko is at least 18, but at times she appears VERY young looking. I actually had to slap myself a few times.- Denis Sheehan

INTIMATE DESIRES- ( Approx. 50 min. NR, nudity. Starring Miho Nomoro and Rebaca Chang. This tape consists of different segments showing Miho and Rebeca sensually playing with each other. There is only topless nudity going on here with lots of thong action. Nothing else is shown. The women do kiss and fondle each other’s breasts, but the is zero hardcore action. The women play box, bath, get dirty in the kitchen, suntan, and a few other things together. Miho and Rebeca are both so beautiful, that I’m willing to bet you’d chop off your legs to spend five minutes with either one of them! The women do speak briefly to introduce the different segments, but it is tough to understand them. The tape concludes with a few humorous blooper scenes. – Denis Sheehan 

SUMMER HEAT- ( Approx. 40 min. NR, nudity. Starring Yoyo Sakura. On this tape, we are treated to an array of activities performed by the lovely Yoyo Sakura. As the title indicates, all the activities center on the summer theme. Yoyo runs on the beach, undresses, baths, gets soaked with water while wearing shear clothing, plays in gardens, and other fun stuff. Although Yoyo occasionally shows full frontal nudity, she is mostly topless and hides her lower extremities for the most part. I have no idea how much of an established model Yoyo is, but she does appear awkward at times. However, since she is so damn cute, I found her awkwardness to be rather appealing. The audio on the tape is mostly music, but Yoyo does speak for a few minutes. Tasteful, softcore Asian erotica at it’s best. – Denis Sheehan

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