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Note: this review was written as a "trail" review for AVN Magazine (caters to adult movie retailers) which is why the format is different than other reviews posted on this site.- denis

XXX Factor
          Wicked Pictures. Directed by: Jonathan Morgan. Stars: Stephanie Swift, Julia Ann, Mason Storm, Delilah, Evan Stone, Brad Armstrong, Cheyne Collins, Eric Masterson. 80 Min.
          AAA1/2 (AAAAA being the best)
Angry and distraught at her place, or lack of place, in the porn industry, XXX Factor host Paula Poundhard mercilessly rips apart the two adult movies she reviews on the show, while Paula’s co-host, Jack Stallion, constantly drools over the movies reviewed. At the show’s conclusion, the two bitterly divided hosts bury the hatchet and also bury Jack’s cock into Paula’s mouth and pussy. 
          Not only does XXX Factor have five hot as hell sex scenes and a healthy dose of cumshots to the faces of the female stars, but the dialog between Stephanie Swift and Evan Stone is downright hilarious. Both of Swift’s fuck scenes will leave you satisfied, yet clamoring for more…and her talent of draping spit swings large enough to hold an elephant from her mouth to the cock she’s sucking is near mesmerizing. Director and co-writer Jonathan Morgan pulls off the rare feat of blending hardcore sex and humor, all while having a little fun with porn industry stereotypes.
           Marketing: This is the perfect title to offer those customers who have been around the adult entertainment block and will understand the off beat humor and appreciate the Stephanie Swift and Evan Stone team.   
Denis Sheehan



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