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WICKEDGIRL.COM (Wicked Pictures) XXX. Approx. 80 minutes. The Wicked girl is actually a sexy webmaster like woman who is able to turn peoples sexual fantasies into reality. First request; a white woman and a black guy go at it in every way. Yes, even analy. Second up; a guy with a foot fetish has two sexy women to satisfy. Third; a little girl on girl action with the hot, and pierced, Asia Carrera. Fourth; a blond bombshell has it for her teacher, so he teaches her what she wants to learn. Fifth; three women, including the ageless Nina Hartley, go at it with an assortment of toys. The last request; a woman, known as two cock Karen, orally pleases two guys at once.
    Since Askew covers the older porn, I though we would inject some brand spanking (get it) new stuff for those who donít like that 70ís brand. Wicked Pictures do not fool around when it comes to their movies. They hire top of the line talent, the shooting and editing is perfect, and the sex is all over the road map. You wonít get board watching this stuff. I enjoyed all the different request other than the foot fetish stuff. I just donít get that. Why would any man who has two sexy babes with him want them to use their feet on him? Sorry babe, if I was in this dream world scenario, forget the foot action and get ready for about 30 seconds of sexual pleasure! There are no hold barred here. Everything is shown, most of it up close too! Yahoo! Men and women will enjoy this adult action. Ė Denis Sheehan


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