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(Cult Epics) 110 minutes. Not Rated. Nudity, sex. Black and white. What we have here is a collection of 15 black and white porno shorts from the 1950s. The shorts have been remastered, but the quality is still low enough to give you that stag party in the basement showing fuck flics on the wall with a poor film projector feeling. True, there is nothing going on here that you havenít see before, but since the action is over fifty years old, I found myself watching this DVD out of curiosity sake rather than arousal sake. Although, Anno 1950 did get the blood pumping; the DVD did its job, which I promptly (in more ways than one) took out on my beloved girlfriend. 
To me, the best thing about this DVD is how different the content is from todayís glamorous and overly produced porn movies. I honestly donít find anything wrong or unappealing with todayís porn, but watching porn this old and seeing the difference in production, actors, and even behavior gave me a refreshing kick in the porno butt. There is no dialog, just a soundtrack to help keep things flowing. I would be curious to hear what these 1950s French fuckers had to say while partaking in the action, but I guess Iíll just have to wait. The DVD also includes a photo gallery of 1950s nudes. Ė Chip



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