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(Cult Epics) 1940s porn. 98 minutes. Not rated, but contains rated X material. DVD is a collection of fifteen remastered, black and white short adult movies made in France during the 1940s. All sexual behavior, except for man on man, is included; hardcore, softcore, lesbianism, s&m, bondage, anal, santa claus, etc. 
There is nothing happening here that you haven’t seen before (unless of course you’ve never seen porn), but watching it happen during the 1940s intrigued the shyt out of me. Honestly, when I think of the 1940s, the thought of sex never runs through my brain. Why this is I do not know, but this DVD has shattered that. There is no dialog, only a jazzy type soundtrack. The remastered print isn’t perfect, but every nook and cranny is visible and, unless you’re sickened by pubic hair, there’s nothing here that won’t spoil your viewing pleasure. The DVD also includes a photo gallery of nudes from 1900-1940. I wonder if an old person who was watching this DVD would say, “Ahh, those were the days….” – Denis Sheehan



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