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(After Hours Cinema) DVD. 1999. Total disc time 100 minutes. NR, but would be considered Rated X. Nudity, sex. Visiting from Romania and staying with her cousin, Lydia (Misty Mundae) willingly succumbs to cousin Billy’s sexual advancements. As the two frolic, some weird shaman dude dances outside the house and somehow transforms Billy into a vampire.                      
       OK, the only reason why anyone will buy and/or watch this movie is due to its Misty content. You see, this is Misty Mundae’s only “Ultra-Naughty” movie. Although there is no hardcore insertion (a.k.a. fucking) displayed, the action shown is harder than you’ve ever seen Misty perform. The hardest stuff comes in the DVD deleted scenes. The movie itself, plot wise and production wise, is very rough and will not interest you in the least. Also, Misty made this movie when she was 19, and she looks a hell of a lot younger, and less shapely, than she does now. However, Misty still remains an Askew favorite. I am not going to reveal what exactly Ms. Mundae does in Vampire Strangler, I have to leave some surprises, but if you dig Misty, you’ll dig this DVD.  Since I’ve been a fan of Misty Mundae for a few years now, I honestly felt like a child opening a Christmas present when I got this DVD in the mail. A must have for Misty fans.- Denis Sheehan




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