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Note: this review was written as a "trail" review for AVN Magazine (caters to adult movie retailers) which is why the format is different than other reviews posted on this site.- denis

Telling Tales
Vivid Entertainment Group. D: Chi Chi Larue. Sunrise Adams, TJ Hart, Allysin Chaynes, Devon Michaels, Trent Tesero, Jay Crew, Trevor Zen. 84 Min.
     AAA (AAAAA being the best)
With a brief introduction before each of the five sex scenes, Sunrise Adams vocally reveals to the viewer her fantasies and explains what about sex turns her on. The scenes that follow offer a hot visual of Sunrises’ thoughts, fantasies, and sexual experiences. 
     Although a bit disjointed and off target as a whole, each of the five sex stories stand well on their own. After all, even though Sunrise lends a part of herself to the first two stories, she is absent from the action. However, the actors and actresses (Hart, Michaels, Crew) in these first two scenes exhibit pure fucking athleticism and flexibility. Shining in her three scenes, Sunrise shines brightest when in the arms, and between the legs, of her lesbian lover Allysin Chaynes. The sex action is a bit run of the mill, but three cheers to Director Chi Chi Larue for his camera angles and great upside down, through a water glass shot of Sunrise’s café romp.

Fans of Sunrise Adams will love this video, as will couples new to the world of adult movies.   Denis Sheehan




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