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(Seduction Cinema) Erotica. 80 minutes. Meet sisters Cynthia and Morgana (Misty and Chelsea Mundae). Cynthia is dominating, mean, and sexually promiscuous. Morgana is submissive, mousy, and seemingly repressed. Meet Beth, the dead classmate- sporting Farrah Fawcett coat hangers- stuffed in the sisters’ car trunk, who Cynthia accidentally killed. While driving around looking for a spot to dump the body, the girls are sidetracked, taken hostage by Juli (Julian Wells), and forced to partake in several “games,” to whom the victor goes freedom.  Ranging from silly word games to murder, Cynthia and Morgana are finally forced to face secrets from their past, and the present.
All right, Sin Sisters is by far Seduction Cinema’s biggest mind fuck going. For the first thirty minutes, it’s basically “The Misty Gets Naked Show” (including a marathon masturbation shower scene, which is a bit more risqué than the usual Seduction Cinema fare). The movie then slips into the humor gear with the amusing word games scene, which honestly gave me stomach cramps from laughing so hard at the humorous dialog. Up next is a little more eroticism tainted with a good ol’ fashioned frying pan bludgeoning murder. At this point, Director Tony Marsiglia has done a pretty good job of slapping your mind around. However, Margsilia saves the best for last with the secrets game. During this “game,” Cynthia and Morgana are downright mean, conniving, and will have you feeling pity for both of them, while not feeling pity for either one of them. It’s just one fist to the brain after another. Enough with the mind games, on now to the chicks! Yes, Misty and Chelsea are real life sisters and you already know how I feel about me sweet sweet Misty. Along with me sweet, there’s Julian Wells for your gawking pleasure. Misty has that innocent, but sexy, girl next-door thing going. On the other hand, Julian will bring back to life the memories of that hot, young substitute teacher you use to get once a year in high school who you prayed would keep you after school for hours of enjoyable and endless detention. Of course, as with all Seduction Cinema flics, there is plenty of female nudity. Extras include an interview with the Mundae Sisters, trailers, and a cool eight-page color booklet. Also, there is an amusing hidden feature, so try your best, DVD remote clickerer. Ayup. Sin Sisters, it’s a keeper. – Denis Sheehan



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