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(After Hours)  Erotic/fetish. Total disc time 90 minutes. NR, nudity, fetish junk. Jackie (Katie Jordan) and Olivia (Misty Mundae) are stripper roommates trying to make ends meet. Being the financial wizard she is, Olivia comes up with a way to save the pair some cash by doing private sex shows for their landlord in exchange for free room and board. The shows start off “innocent” enough with a little touchy feelie lesbo action, but things soon take a turn down the sicko kinky trail. With each show, the landlord demands that the women perform more and more extreme acts on one another. 
Since I am not the least bit into any of the fetish stuff shown here, this DVD did little for me. Yes, Misty and Katie are two of my favorites, but not even their presence was enough for me to enjoy this movie. Fetish touchpoints hit; lingerie, lesbo softcore action, strap on action, and strangulation. The erotic scenes are hampered down a lot by the visuals of the goofy looking landlord (no offense Joe) gawking at the women while making orgasm faces and punching himself in the face. There is a lot of female nudity and softcore, albeit hardcore themed, action. There is one brief shot that some may consider a bit hardcore, but it’s nothing that will offend anyone who may be watching this movie. There is also a behind the scenes feature that takes a brief look at the shooting of the movie. If this kind of fetish crap is your game, you’ll most likely get into this DVD. If not, move on to some other Misty/Katie flic. There are plenty of them out there, and that’s a good thing in my mind. – Denis Sheehan



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