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SEX WISH- (Video Dungeon) 1974. Porn. Approx. 80 min. Rated X, hardcore sex, rape, violence. Ken Bradshaw (Harry Reems) returns home to his fiancée Faye from a two-week business trip. The two partake in some good old-fashioned lovemaking. They start in the bathtub and finish up on the couch. Early the next morning, Ken leaves for work and accidentally bumps into a strange man in the hallway. While apologizing, Ken picks up a matchbook that the stranger dropped, but the stranger runs off before he can return it to him. Ken shakes his head, puts the matchbook in his pocket, and continues onto work. A few minutes later, Faye hears a knock at the door and opens it. In charges the same guy and proceeds to rape Faye using a vibrator as he jerks off. After he cums, the rapist whips Faye and kills her by slitting her throat. Ken is so saddened by his fiancée’s murder, he sleeps with two prostitutes and later, Faye’s next door neighbor. While Ken is sleeping with everyone in New York, the psycho rapist continues his violent rampage of rape and murder. After sexually humiliating a young black couple, the rapist kills the man, then rapes the woman and kills her after she bites his dick. The crazy also pulls a woman from the street into an alley and rapes her too. Ken, confident that the man he bumped into in the hallway has something to do with Faye’s death, reads the dropped matchbook and starts playing detective until he comes face to face with Faye’s murderer.
    Ok, this is one sick movie. Not in a million years would a movie like this be made today. I actually had to shower after viewing SEX WISH because I felt so dirty. There is something about 70’s porn that is extra dirty looking and feeling anyway. Maybe it’s because all the actors/actresses are so damn hairy and sweaty looking. Although bad acting litters this porn, it is real enough to make most people a bit uncomfortable. The director obviously felt the need to sandwich in Ken’s “normal” sex scenes to lighten the load of the three violent rapes. The most uncomfortable scene is when the rapist attacks the young black couple. They seemed so helpless. For a porn, it was shot pretty nicely and the production isn’t all that bad. The director even got a little artsy fartsy with one of Ken’s sex scenes by editing it together in a romantic way. This flic will piss of a lot of people with it’s acts of violence against woman. If you do purchase this flic, be careful who sees it. Then again, it’s only a stupid 70’s porn. –Denis Sheehan 


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