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REFINEMENTS IN LOVE (Impulse Pictures) 1971. 88 minutes. Documen…make that little of this and little of that. Not Rated. Hardcore sex. Opening like a propaganda sex film, this movie offers various opinions of how beneficial adult movies can be. From curing the “sexually defective and crippled” (in which they show hippies…ha!), to mending emotional problems, watching porn is the way to go. Also briefly shown is how marriage can go bad due to selfish lovemaking. Forty-five minutes in, the credits roll which brings the second half of the movie and a new feel. Hoping to help enhance the pleasures of lovemaking, this movie suggests couples add the essence of Roman and Greek gods by covering each other with talcum powder before lovemaking, or drinking Champaign, or banging on a waterbed for that “floating” feeling. The movie also warns against “lighting up” while receiving oral; a major no no. Oh ya, intertwining all this stuff are hardcore sex scenes.
  Wow. As I watched this DVD, I thought it was the most disjointed thing in the world, and I suppose it is. However, director Carlos Tobalina somehow manages to join together the pieces of this puzzle and sends a message of how wonderfully love makes the world go ‘round. All interviews look awkward and staged with actors messing up lines here and there, but it is all a damn riot to watch. The hardcore scenes are simply sex, with no build up or “ending” for either person. Also briefly raised is the freedom of speech stuff concerning pornography; man, this battle is an endless one, that’s for sure. I suspect this DVD will appeal to a rather small base (grindhouse sex fare, odd documentaries), but to those under that umbrella, it sure will make ‘em smile. – Denis Sheehan



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