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RASPUTIN--(Video Dungeon) 1973. Approx. 120 min. Rated X. Hardcore sex, violence. French language. Here we have the story of Rasputin, the mad Russian munk. He weasels his way into Russia’s royal family by telepathically curing the youngest royal child of sickness. Along with Rasputin taking advantage of his new royal connections, he has plenty of sex. Oh ya, just about everybody has sex too!!
    This is probably one of the most expensive porn flics ever produced. Rasputin is just like a “real” movie with real sets, location shooting, some pretty good gore, and even some battle scenes. Of course, there is a ton of sex scenes. The lack of English made this one tough to follow, but who cares. This is a must have for all you classic porn fans. Lots of close ups for you people who like to get your nose right in there. One more thing, men who have hair fetishes will LOVE this one, I guess the razor blade wasn’t available in France in the early 70s. I liked Rasputin.- Denis Sheehan


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