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(Blue-Underground) 1970. Drama (?). 91 minutes. Black and white. Not rated, nudity, sex. Joey and Carl are two ugly bastards living in a small area in Paris (Paris, France, not Paris, Texas) called Clichy. Joey is a struggling writer with zero money, and Carl is a scarf wearing (even while shaving) weirdo who likes young women. When he’s not eating scraps of food from the garbage, Joey is stealing money from Carl to pay for sex with ugly woman (ok, one wasn’t ugly). Together, the men live a care free life of sex, wine, and smelly looking women.
First, a little history: this film is adapted from the Henry Miller novel and was deemed obscene by the United States government in 1970. The movie was seized and after a federal trial, was eventually released for the viewing public’s enjoyment. Over thirty years later, Quiet Days in Clichy finally makes its debut on DVD. The entire plot is basically pointless as it simply follows the sexual escapades of Joey and Carl. There is a lot of nudity and sexual situations, but only one scene that is considered “hardcore.” I will hand it to Blue-Underground for leaving this scene in the movie and making it harder to market and sell at a retail level. Quiet Days is loaded with oddities; the very folksy sounding soundtrack from Country Joe McDonald, Joey’s narration, and character’s thoughts scripted across the screen for your reading pleasure. With all its history and oddness, I will forever remember Quiet Days in Clichy due to one line of narration spoken by Joey about an encounter with a woman at a party, “I put my hand on her cunt. It was all steamy, like manure, under her dress.” What the hell is that? Note; the above mentioned non-ugly woman Joey has sex with looks a lot like porn star Asia Carrera, in case you were wondering. DVD extras include; an interview with Henry Miller’s editor and publisher, and interview with Country Joe McDonald, poster/still gallery, bios, and the obscenity charges court documents (DVD-Rom). I honestly don’t know what to write about this flic. I am tongue tied, errrr, or keyboard tied. Manure? - Denis Sheehan



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