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PUNK ROCK- (Video Holocaust) 1971. 116 min. Rated X, porn. Jim Dillinger, macho private investigator, is hired to find the run away daughter of a wealthy client. Well, Jim finds the young Jennie and of course they have dirty sex. After the couple finishes with the dirty work, Jim is telephoned by his partner Travis and told to get to the office pronto. Jim hurriedly leaves Jenny, with a vibrator, and rushes to the office only to find Travis dead with a knife in his stomach. To make matters worse, Jennie is kidnapped right from Jim’s apartment. Now, Jim must find Travis’ killer and hunt down Jennie again. While investigating the two crimes, Jim has sex with about five different women, gets set up, is harassed by an asshole cop, and shakes down a few devious misfits in the process. Jim’s smarts eventually lead him to “Elda and the Stilettoes,” an awful rock/glam band whose also into selling young teenage runaways into slavery. Our man Jim once again uses his brains and penis to crack the case, or does he?
       Not only does this good old-fashioned sloppy porn flic have lots of sweaty sex, it also actually has a hint of a plot. There is a ton of sex scenes and even a little bondage for you rope dopes. There is even a giant orgy if you like that kind of stuff (ick). This is the first porn I’ve ever viewed where it seems that the cast is wasted on either drugs or booze. There is one long ass sex scene that has the theme for “The People’s Court” playing. Just think, The People’s Court ripped off porn music! That scene was ruined by constant thoughts of Judge Wopner though. There really isn’t much going on here production wise either. A few small rooms for location, some sappy voice over loops, and maybe two cameras for some not so creative shooting angles. However, if you watch porn for production values, you’re a sick puppy. The word punk should not be associated with this movie or the band what so ever. The only thing good about Elda and the Stiletto’s music is that when they play, people get naked and have sex. Other than that, it is awful! There is also a funny reference to Serpico made by Jim Dillinger. I would bet anything that the Mark Wahlberg/Dirk Diggler character Brock Landers in Boogie Nights was cloned after Jim Dillinger. Punk Rock is another dirty little forgotten nugget from the golden age of porn.- Denis Sheehan



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