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(Retro-Seduction Cinema) 1972/2003. Grindhouse erotica. Total disc time 140 minutes. Not Rated, nudity, sexual situations. Brian, a wealthy, old bastard, dies while having sex with his young girlfriend Martine (Uschi Digart). Thinking she has inherited Brian’s cash, Martine is disturbed to realize that only one person stands in the way of her fortune; Lynn (Lynn Harris), Brian’s hot young niece with bad teeth. Wanting to destroy Lynn, Martine seduces her hoping to corrupt the buck-toothed sweetie. However, little does Martine know that Lynn is not as innocent as she looks. Together, the two travel a path into the land of sex and drugs.
I am by no means an expert in the Grindhouse Cinema genre, but I honestly have no problem writing that Pleasures of a Woman is one gem of a Grindhouse flic. The movie, of course, is loaded with nudity and sex (mostly softcore lesbian) with the two lead females looking good enough to watch, but average enough to make things seem real. Not to be an insensitive slob, but back when I was a fine young lad engaged in callous talk with some other fine young lads, we would have referred to Lynn Harris’ teeth as a “pecker wrecker.” Still, there was something rather appealing about her. Director Nick Philips nicely throws in some drug abuse and nutty hallucinations helping add some grittiness to this already gritty flic. Get this, the previously written isn’t even the best part about this movie, Lynn’s narration is. There is no dialog between the characters, but none is needed as Lynn fills us in concerning the complexities going tick tock in her head. I was going to lift many of the great quotes spoken by Lynn, but instead I will just write that the narration is priceless. The 2003 remake stars Julian Wells and Darian Caine as the leads. Outside of Julian Wells (she’s a babe and quickly becoming one of my favorite Seduction Cinema hotties. She kind of looks like a sleazy version of Reese Witherspoon), the remake doesn’t do much to impress the viewer after watching the original. DVD extras include; a cool and funny interview with “42nd Street” Pete, trailers, and even comes with a great color booklet. This is a good one if you’re interested in Grindhouse. – Denis Sheehan



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