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- (Pink Visual) Approx 2.5 hours. Guys with video cameras bring women back to an apartment and get them to perform sexual activities, including anal. I very highly doubt anything captured here was anyone’s first anal sex. Six women, six scenes. Most notable, and hot, is Brandy who greatly resembles the actress Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black, Mall Rats).
BACKSEAT BANGERS Vol 3- (Pink Visual) Approx 2.5 hours. Guys drive around in minivan and pick up chicks. The chicks are then either paid or sweet talked into having sex with a male passenger as they drive around town and along highways. Six women, six scenes. One woman, Heidi, resembles my ex-girlfriend.
BANG BOAT - (Pink Visual) Approx 2.5 hours. Women and guys do it on a boat. Lots of interracial pairings.
     All three are sold separately, but since they are all similar and released by Pink Visual, I decided to lump them together. All three DVDs are quality releases loaded with hardcore sex. The camera work and lighting really show the action. I listed the DVDs in order of favorite to least favorite. All three are shot gonzo (reality) style with zero script or story. Just lots of hardcore, gritty sex. – Denis Sheehan


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