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available on DVD (loaded with extras) as Thriller-A Cruel Picture from Synapse Films. The DVD is limited to 25,000 copies and I highly recommend it.

THEY CALL HER ONE EYE- (Video Dungeon-now out of business) 1972. Aka Thriller-A Cruel Story. Approx. 90  min. Rated X. Sex, nudity, violence. Swedish language.  The movie starts with a very young girl named Frigga (Christina Lindberg portrays the adult Frigga) innocently playing with an old bearded man. That innocence is soon shattered when the old grease ball rapes Frigga (this scene was a tad disturbing because we get a close up of the old bastardís sweaty face as he shakes and cums). The distress caused by the rape has turned Frigga into a mute. Many years later, the still mute Frigga decides to leave her family farm to start a new life in the big city. Well, Frigga misses her bus and stupidly hitches a ride with a Romeo wannabe. After dinner and about two hundred drinks, our Swedish Romeo takes Frigga back to his pad where she is beaten, drugged, and turned into an drug addict over a period of a few weeks. Frigga is then forced to become a prostitute. After shunning her first customer, Romeo beats Frigga up and pokes her eye out with a scalpel. While still being forced to prostitute, Frigga hires a mercenary to teach her the finer points of fighting, killing, and revenge. Finally, Frigga escapes from Romeo and returns home only to find that her parents have just died. With nothing to lose, Frigga hunts down the men who tortured and raped her and blows them away with a sawed off shotgun.
    Great import! This movie has it all, sex, violence, mayhem, revenge, and one badass one eyed woman. The only thing it didnít have was English subtitles. Thatís all right though, the movie was easy enough to follow because the main character never talks. There are a few very hardcore sex scenes in this version, but they look like inserts and actually slow the movie down (did I just write that?). It is rumored that a corpse was used for the eyeball gouging scene to make it look more realistic. Well, it was pretty nasty! This version is about 15 minutes longer than the American release mainly because of the added sex scenes. Great exploitation flic. Iíve never seen such a sexy woman with an eye patch.- Denis Sheehan




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