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OK, this really isn't an adult movie, but I wasn't all that comfortable sticking it with all the regular movies.

NECRO SLUT: Coat Hanger Lust Vol. 1
(Sub Rosa Midwest) I don’t think there is a category for this flic. Approx. 55 minutes. NR 18+, nudity, gore. A woman pleasures herself with a coat hanger, which eventually leads to an abortion….and dinner.
            Shot in the vein of “Reality TV,” this flic’s sole purpose is to shock. However, I was more amused than shocked and often found myself laughing. This is one sick minded tape that pushes itself over the top. You will die laughing when the creepy looking boyfriend decides to get a bird’s eye view of the festivities. The look on this guy’s face is priceless. Although, if I saw this actor in real life, I’d probably run for the hills, he’s that creepy looking. Throughout the video, there are several “shot later” interviews of the coat hanger woman which is at times funny with some amusing references. On the downside, the distorted dialog-meant to protect the woman’s identity- is sometimes hard to understand and frustrating. The video starts off with a long up close and personal view of the woman pleasuring herself with a coat hanger, which was a good idea to include since there really isn’t a later opportunity due to gore effects and mechanisms. Anybody with half a brain will realize what this movie is all about and why it was produced, but there will be those who’ll be highly offended by the content. If this tape ever lands in the hands of The Christian Coalition, it will surely generate a ton of negative publicity, and we all know that any publicity is good publicity. It’s ok to be amused. It’s ok to be offended. But, it certainly isn’t ok to be turned on by this movie, you warped son-of-a-turd. Although, the coat hanger chick is kind of hot….- Denis Sheehan


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